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Work Package 2: Best Practice Guide


Tailoring Organisational Practices to Achieve Gender Equality- A Best Practice Guide

Launched September 22nd 2016 at the GEM Conference in Dublin hosted by Dell Technologies

Download the guide here


Work Package 2 - The design and development of ‘A Best Practice Guide to Accelerate Progress towards Gender Balance in Key Decision-Making Processes’ 

All Partners i were nvolved in this work package (University of Limerick, University of Abertay, Cranfield University, Dell and Ibec)

A review of the current literature on best practice in recruitment and selection, performance management and succession planning formed a core part of this work package.

An examination of the current processes in recruitment and selection, (including how people are appointed to panels), promotions and performance management (talent management), at junior, middle and senior management levels in an initial pilot organisation  informed the research methods. The emphasis in data collection was on proactive measures that have produced positive outcomes for gender balance.  This aspect of work package 2 allowed for the compilation of a template of questions to be used in the case study companies identified by Ibec.   

The primary data collection for the GEM project  was conducted in 5 large private sector employers and 3 higher education institutions

The design and development of the ‘Best Practice Guide’  was based on roundtable consultation with Ibec members (led by Ibec) before being finalised.

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The overarching aim of GEM is to bring together decision makers and policy influencers to create a best guide for organisations on strategies to achieve gender balance in key decision-making roles.


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